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Anthony Avery

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Why this profile/ info website on the artist Anthony J Avery?

Anthony Avery"...As a painter/artist I personally feel I want to get away from the usual pretentiousness of listing all my exhibitions, dates, galleries and prizes I have won through my achievements as a creator of pictures.

...Is it really so important if, over many years, I have shown my work at countless galleries or at the R.A. Summer exhibition; or I am a member of The Royal Society or This, That or the other?

...I just paint pictures; no philosophy behind my intentions. My purpose is self satisfaction, and that you respect the trials and tribulations that have gone into creating that work. The sacrifices, the emotional turmoil, the highs and lows of my efforts, and the skills that go into executing that work which is an extension of being me, in a hope that you like it."

Man of Ross GalleryThe Man of Ross Gallery, in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire is my base. It is in here I live and work. It is an open Gallery / Studio, from where I run my weekly painting classes. It is an ongoing way of life, full of social activity and passion and humour, and has been since 1985.

During these sessions the door is always open to visitors and anyone interested in the creativity of original art.

Fortunately, many of these visitors have been good enough to return year after year, to support and purchase my work, which obviously I appreciate.

Over the years I have come to respect many of these visitors and patrons. And I have answered lots of questions they have put to me about: What motivates me? What is my favourite subject matter? Who are my Painted Ladies? Did I really travel with the Gypsies? How did I get started? etc etc.

So I feel it is only appropriate to fill in some of the gaps in these conversations, which indirectly will answer and complete their perception of me as a person and as an artist!

Anthony J Avery

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