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Anthony Avery

Anthony J Avery - Artist


Early Days

Anthony AveryDreams

"In my youth I was a great dreamer and dreamed of many things and of many would-be adventures in far away places. Little did I know then that most of these dreams would become reality "

Age 21

"It was about this time I read two books which were to influence all my idea’s of travel and becoming a true artist. One was a paperback novel called “And the Gold of their Bodies,” and the other a hardback book called “Gaugin in the South Seas,” written by Bengt Danielson."

"Here was a man I began to identify with. . . his quest to find a direction in art which suited him and his search for capturing in paint, something in which he believed and cared for. . . As is my wont, I decided a few weeks later, I would become a traveling artist."

"It would be a few years later before that particular dream was to come around again, unfortunately the circumstances would be completely different."


Age 30

"Within the first three months of that year my marriage was over. I had lost my wife, my baby daughter, Nicola; my business, my home, and all credibility with my family and friends. I had no regular income, and was of no permanent address. I had sunk low, and was still sinking. When you reach the gutter the only way left is up, or so they say. Don’t you believe it. There is a whole new world below gutter level, and not a very pleasant one. I know, I have been there, and it takes a great deal of courage not to go completely under."

"Twelve months later, the following summer, I had somehow managed to pull myself together. . . I had moved deeper into the heart of the city into bed-sitter land where no questions were asked as long as you paid the rent, and life was on a day to day basis. Although I was out of the ‘gutter’ I still had a long way to go to make it back."

As the months moved on I found myself dividing my time between my small studio workshop in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, where I made a small living from applying my talents as a silversmith . . . and Hempstead, London, where I had a even smaller studio where I painted and followed in the foot-steps of many artists and poets before me, living life to its fullest, drowning my past in the company of strangers.

"In the twilight of that long eventful period of my life, fate somehow twisted itself around. Although I had lost one life, a new seed was planted in the colours of my pictures. Good or bad, it was an existence I was to relish in. At last I began not only to live and think like an artist, I started to produce paintings which could prove it. With the help of a few very attractive ladies, one lady in particular named Shannon McCauley, I started to produce my first 'Painted Ladies.'"

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